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Integration of woocommerce Plugin in wordpress

Integration of woocommerce Plugin in wordpress
Woocommerce is an opensource plugin/application which is used to built an ecommerce business. By activating this plugin you can built an online shopping store in munites. It is created for both small and large merchants who use wordpress. Woocommerce first version launched in 27 sep 2011. This plugin become popular quickly due to his simplicity to install. Best thing of woocommerce is, it’s free.
In this tutorial, we will learn how to setup woocommerce plugin in wordpress. Let’s start

First of all open your wordpress dashboard and click on “Plugin>>Add New” Button

Type “woocommerce” in search plugin box and click on “install now” button

After installing woocommerce, click on “activate” button to activate woocommerce plugin

After clicking on activate button you will see a screen look like following
Here provide informations of your store like country, address, city, postal code, payment currency and your products or physical or digital. after entering all information you can click on “Lets Go” button. Don’t worry you can change all these information later.

After clicking “Lets go” button, you will see a next screen like following. Here you can set payment gateway you can set both offline and online payment gateways. In woocommerce paypal payment gateway is installed by defualt. You can add many other payment gateways later. After setting a payment gateway click on “continue” button.

Now a new screen will be appear where you can set shipping charges. you can also set free shipping. Remember that, you can change all these setting later. After selecting shipping costs click on “continue” button

Now you will see a next screen where woocommerce plugin will recommended you 3 extra plugin to enhace your woocommerce store. I’ll uncheck all these plugins. because we can install later these plugin, if we feel need of these features. After uncheck all these plugins click the “continue” button.

Now a next screen will be open, where woocommerce will recommended you jetpack. if you want to take these features you can click on “continue with jetpack” button. Otherwise you can click on “skip this step”

In next step you can provide your e-mail address to get woocommerce notification and updates. Now your store is ready. Click on “Create a product” button.

Now your store have been ready and you can create your first product. Read This: Here is full detail how to create or add a product in woocommerce

Now go to wordpress dashboard by and click on “Pages” button, you will see that woocomerce have installed all compulsory pages(Basket, Checkout, My account, Shop) automatically.

If you want to change setting of woocommerce plugin you can click on “woocommerce>>settings”

Here you can change all setting(General, Products, Shipping,Payments, Accounts, Emails, Advanced) of woocommerce store according to your need.

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