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Installing WordPress on Xampp

First You need to download and install XAMPP Server in your computer. XAMPP is a free and open-source cross-platform web server solution stack package developed by Apache Friends.
XAMPP is available for Linux, Mac and windows.
You can download xampp from his official website apachifriends.

Download Xampp server according to your operating system, it’s free for all windows, mac and linux.

XAMPP Installation:

After Downloading the xampp, double click on xampp file, a window will open like following screen shot

Click on next button, select components which we require, you can can see the following screen shot to select components.

After selecting the components, click on next button , here you can choose a folder to install xampp, but i always use default.

After choosing the folder, click on next button , here you will see a window like following screen shot. Here, uncheck the box “learn more about Bitnami for XAMPP”

Now click on next button, you will see the installation process will be start. this process might take few minutes.

After installation process complete the following screen will be open, now click on finish button

After clicking the finish button XAMPP control panel will be open, which looks like the following screen shot. Now click on both Apache and MySQL start button.

When Apache and MySQL both will be start The XAMPP control panel will look likes the following screenshot

Now we will test that it is all right, for this purpose we will open our web browser and type this url “localhost/dashboard/” . If the following screenshot like window will be open then, it’s all right.

WordPress Installation:

Now we will install wordpress on xampp, for this purpose we need to download wordpress. You can download wordpress free from his official website. Click Here to download wordpress

After downloading the wordpress. Extract it, you will see folder with the folder with the name of wordpress.

Now copy and paste this folder in xampp>htdocs folder


Now open your web browser and type “localhost/phpmyadmin”. A window like the following screenshot will be open

Now click on database and create a new database with anyname, but i’ll create the database with the name of “wordpress”. you can see on following screenshot

After creating the database, now type url “localhost/wordpress/” in your web browser, a window like following screenshot will be open

Click on lets go button, a new window will be open, Type here datebase name, in my case database name is wordpress, username: root, password :empty, Database host: localhost, Table prefix: wp_ … see the following picture

After entering your database connection details click on submit button, a new window will be open. Provide the information “site title, username, password, email” and click on install worpress button, it will be successfully Installed.

After installing the wordpress, You can login to your wordpress website by going to this url /localhost/wordpress/wp-admin page and use the username / password that you entered during wordpress installation to login.

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