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Increase WordPress site speed using Plugin “WP Fastest Cache”

In this article you will learn how to increase wordpress site speed or decrease wordpress website load time using “WP Fastest Cache” Plugin. Site speed have to much important role in SEO. When your site load time will be minimum, it’ll be rank fast in search engine. Google has indicated site speed is one of the signals used by search engine algorithm to rank pages. Page speed have also very important role in user experience. If your page speed is slow, the bounce rate will be high.

A few Guidlines to increase site speed

1) Use best hosting service for your website
2) Use CDN (Content Delivery Network)
2) Optimize website images size
3) Use website caching
4) Reduce number of plugins, just used important plugins
5) Optimise database

If you are a wordpress user, you can use “WP Fastest Cache” Plugin to speed up your wordpress website. It’s one of the best plugin. This plugin makes static html files from your dynamic WordPress website. This plugin improve your load time which is good signal for your SEO ranking

Plugin Link:

How to install the use “WP Fastest Cache” Plugin?

The installation of “WP Fastest Cache” Plugin is very simple. First of all open your wordpress admin panel go to “Plugins>>Add new”. Now Type “WP Fastest Cache” in your plugin search box. Click on “Install Now>> Activate” button to activate the plugin. Check the following Screenshot

How to use this Plugin?

After activation the plugin you can see a “WP Fastest Cache” menu in your wordpress admin panel. Click on it

When you will click “WP Fastest Cache” menu button you will see WP Fastest Cache Options setting page, Like following screenshot. Here Tick all check box like following and click on submit button.

Now click on delete cache menu in WP Fastest Cache Options. Here you’ll see delete cache and delete minified css files buttons you can check following screenshot. On click on “delete cache ” button you can clear/remove all cache files. After delete cache files. your site speed will be improve.

You can also use DB cleaner and image optimization in premium version of this plugin. You can also use cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network), if you have cloudflare account and API Key.

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