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Improve SEO using Yoast SEO Plugin in WordPress

A good SEO is very important for every blog/website, SEO is short form of Search Engine Optimization. If you want to rank top in search engine like(Google, Yahoo, Bing), then a smart SEO have very important role for a blog/web.
If you are using wordpress, then don’t worry, there is a Yoast SEO plugin who helps to improve your SEO. Yoast is one of the best and most used SEO plugin for wordpress websites.

Yoast Plugin Link:

Installation of Yoast

To install the yoast SEO , first off all open your wordpress dashboard. after this goto “Plugins>>Add New”.

Now Type “Yoast” in Plugin search box, click On “Install Now>>Activate” Button to activate the plugin in your wordpress site, check the following screenshot

After activation the plugin you can see a “SEO” Menu button in your wordpress admin panel, Now click on “SEO>>General”,

After click on on “SEO>>General” ,here you can see a Yoast SEO Dashboard like following screenshot

How To Use Yoast SEO Plugin

First of all goto on “SEO>>General”, here you can see yoast SEO Plugin Dashboard like above screenshot. In dashboard of Yoast Plugin, you can find SEO related problems notifications. you can also find a “webmaster tools” button, click on it,

When you will click on “webmaster tools” button , a page look like following screenshot you can see. Here you can enter verification codes of different search engines consoles(Baidu, bing, google, Yandex). You can get verfication codes by click on given links. The benifit to veify your website in search consoles is you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s presence in different Search engine results. ..

Search Appearence Yoast SEO

To setting search appearence with Yoast SEO , goto “SEO>>Search Appearence” a dashboard like following screenshot will be open, here you can set meta descriptions for home, Taxonomies(categories, tags) and Archives(Author, Date, special pages). The meta description is a snippet of up to about 155 characters which gives short description about a page’s content. Search engines show the meta description in search results.

Allow Yoast to Fetch your google search console information

To fetch your google search console information using Yoast SEO, first of all goto “SEO>>Search Console” a page like following screenshot will be open. Now get your Google Authorisation Code by press the “Get Google Authorisation Code” button. After getting your google authorisation code enter your code in given box and press Authenticate button. After Authentication, Now Yoast SEO plugin will fetch your google search console information.

Organisation Social Profiles

To organisation social profiles using yoast SEO plugin goto “SEO>>Social” , you will see a dashboard like following screenshot. Here you can enter links of your social profile pages.

Improve Posts/Pages SEO using Yoast SEO

To improve your SEO in your post or page. Go to edit post/page. Scroll down your edit post/page. You will see something like following screenshot

Here you can add focus keyphrase for your post/page. Focus keyphrase is the phrase that you want your post/ page to be search for or found for. It can be one single word and also consists on a few words.

You can also add Post or page Slug and meta descrition also by click on Snippet Preview , check following screenshot

Click on SEO analysis to check SEO problems and improve them. see the following screenshot

Note: If you have any confusion or problem related to this tutorial or you have any other wordpress related problem. You can comment below. we will try to answer your comments as soon as possible.

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