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How to Start a Blog ?

Before starting your own blog you must need to read “what is a blog and why people start a blog“. To start a blog you need to follow the few steps:

  • Pick a topic for blog
  • Pick a blog domain & hosting service
  • Choose blogging platform
  • Setup WordPress Blog in Bluehost
  • Selecting your wordpress theme
  • Install important plugins
  • Start Creating your posts
  • Start making money

Step 1: Pick a blog Topic

Topic or niche selection is very important in your blogging journey. Don’t make mistake to select topic for your blog, because it is first and more important step to get success in your blogging journey. If you choose a topic you know about it a lot and you are interested in it you have more chances to get success than if you select a topic that you think it’s profitable.

Here are few tips that will help you select a best blog niche or topic:

1) Don’t pick a topic if you see others are making money from this topic
2) Select a topic in which you have more interest and a lot of knowledge
3) Pick a topic you like to talk about it
4) Pick a topic in which you enjoy searching
5) Your blog must have a focus

Step 2: Pick a blog domain & hosting service

Domain name play very important role for your blog or website, but if you have quality niche or blog people will visit your blog, no matter what’s your domain name, but why domain right domain is so important, Your domain name is your first impression, domain name defines your brand and most important it’s effect SEO. Your domain name will communicate information to both search engine bots and human visitors. you want to pick a domain name that not only fits on your blog niche or topic, but it is also easy to find/search and promote.

Here are few tips or rules to select a perfect domain name
1) Make it is easy to write or type
2) Keep your domain name short
3) Prefer (.com) domain name extention from any of others
4) It should be memorable
5) You can use keyword related to your blog topic or niche
6) Avoid using numbers in your domain name

Hosting Service

If you want to start blogging with wordpress platform, there are many hosting services but, I’ll recommend you bluehost. Bluehost has been suggested by WordPress since 2005. By relation with Bluehost, you receive all the power of WordPress along with advanced plugins, themes, and seamless 3rd party integration’s. These features are make Bluehost the best place to build, grow, and manage a beautiful WordPress website or blog.

FREE Domain Name for 1st Year
FREE SSL Certificate Included
1-Click WordPress Install
24/7 Support

Step 3: Choose blogging platform

There are many blogging platforms are exist like blogger, wordpress, wix, Tumblr, joomla, Medium,Squarespace and many others. But i’ll recommend you wordpress, a must known fact about wordpress is that, it ‘s one of the largest content management system in the world. However, it is not a big reason you should be use WordPress too. In this era there are a lot of options for people to select a content management system but why every third website is on wordpress?

Here are few reasons why people use wordpress and why it’s too much popular
1) WordPress is Free
2) It’s open source platform
3) It’s easy to use
4) you can make any type of website in wordpress easily due to hundreds of wordpress plugins
5) It’s search engine friendly
6) it’s secure, you can also use security plugins
7) it’s easy to customize
8) It’s easy to integrated any service like contact form, subscribe form and many others.
9) There are hundreds of free themes and plugins for wordpress

Step 4: Setup WordPress Blog in Bluehost

To start with bluehost open the bluehost website, Click here to open. You will see something like following screenshot

Now click on “Get Started” button, After click you will see hosting plans pricing tables like following screenshot

You can select any of plan from them, if you are beginner, i’ll suggest you basic hosting plan. Click on “Select” button. a new screen will be open like following screen short

If you have your own domain then you can enter your domain in “use a domain you own” box otherwise you can create a new domain. After setting up your domain click on “Next” button you will see a new screen like following

Here enter your accounts and payment information and click on “submit” button. After submitting your account on bluehost will be created.

Install WordPress

Now sign in your bluehost account. After sign in, your bluehost cpanel will be open.

Click on “Install wordpress”. Now installing process will be start

Here select your domain for installation you can see on above screenshot. After selecting the domain click on “Next” button. You will see a next screen like following

Here Enter your site name, your username and password for admin and click on “Install”. After installing a screen like following will be show

Here click on Installation complete to view your credentials, after click you can view your site admin panel link, admin user and password

Now go to your site admin link “ ” and enter your user name and password, Your wordpress dashboard will be open.

Step 5: Selecting your wordpress theme

Selecting your wordpress theme is important step. Theme selection is important because everyone wants an attractive look. After installing your wordpress, first look of your site or blog will be like following screebshot

But don’t worry you can change your web or blog look by changing themes, there are hundreds of free wordpress themes you can use. For this purpose open your wordpress dashboard and click on appearance>>themes button, you can see in following screenshot

After clicking on themes button you will see a new screen look like following

Here you can click on “Add New” button, after clicking the add new button. you will see hundreds of themes. You can install anyone from them, depend on your choice

Step 6: Install important plugins

What are plugins? plugins are wordpress web apps that increase functinality of any wordpress website. Everyone wants to increase the attraction of their web/blog. Plugins are use to make the attractions, security, forms, SEO, Speed of site, marketing and many other things in a wordpress site. There are hunderds of wordpress plugins have created and many more are creating on daily bases. Here I’ll just tell you a few more important plugins which should be in every website or blog.

No 1: Form Maker by 10Web
Form Maker is the leading drag & drop plugin which is used for building forms of any Type and complexity in just a few clicks.

No 2: UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin
UpdraftPlus simplifies backups and restoration of your web or blog. It is the world’s highest ranking backup plugin, with over two million currently-active installs. Your WordPress backups are too much compulsory because, the day may come when you get hacked, when something goes wrong with an update, your server crashes or your hosting company goes bust without good backups, you can lose everything.

3) Yoast SEO
This plugin is used to improve your SEO and improve your performance in search engine. Without a strong SEO your blog or website will not get good ranking in search engine. So it’s compulsory, you should improve your SEO. For this purpose Yoast SEO is one of the best Plugin.

4) Wordfence
Wordfence is security plugin that includes an endpoint firewall and malware scanner that are provide an excilent protection to wordpress site.

5) WpRocket
Site speed have very important role in search engine ranking, WpRocket helps to improve your blog speed.

6) Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights
I think that it’s easy to increase your traffic and sales when you know exactly how people search and use your blog. MonsterInsights shows you the stats with the help of google analytics , so using these stats, you can grow your blog with confidence.

7) MailChimp
This plugin Allows your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. Using this plugin you can increase your blog subscribers and send them e-mail notifications easily.

Step 7: Start Creating Your Posts

To start creating your first post you need to go your wordpress dashboard and click on posts and then click on add new post

After clicking on “Add New Post” you will see a screen like following where you can enter and submit your post

Step 8: Start Making Money

You can start making money from your blog, there many methods to earn money from a blog.

But here you can see some more common ways to earn money from blog

1) Google Adsense
2) Url Shortners
3) Affiliated Marketing
4) Sponsered Posts
6) Infolinks

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