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How to add a product in WooCommerce?

In this tutorial you will learn adding the products in woocommerce store. For this purpose first of all open your wordpress dashboard and click on “Products >> Add New”.

After the click on “Products >> Add New”, a screen like following will appear where you can add your product details(Product title, Product description, Product image, Product data, price, product galary images, product short description).

To set the product title and product description or features, check the following screen shot.

To set the product categories and tags see the right side of the “add new product” page. You will see something like following screen shot. Here you can select and create new categories and tags related to your product.

Scroll down the “add new product” page to select “single product layout, add product image and gallary images”. You will see these options in right side of the “add new product” page.

When you scroll down the “add new product” page you will see a box like following screenshot where you can add product Type, if product is Downlaodable then you can tick the downloadable checkbox, if product is physical don’t tick on downloadable. You can add product price (Regular Price and Sale Price).

Scroll Down the “add new product” page till end bottom of the page. You will see a Product short description Box, This description will be show right side of the product image in the single product page.

After setting up all these details now click on “Publish” button to publish your product. Your product will look like following screenshot in Front-end of single product page

If you have any confusion and problem Related to this tutorial, wordpress or woocommerce you can comment in the comment box. We will try to answer your comments

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