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Duplicate/Clone of a wordpress post/page with single Click “Duplicate Post Plugin”

In this article you will learn how to make a copy/clone of a wordpress post/page just with a single click using wordpress plugin. Your page/post all settings (featured images, SEO data, page templates, etc) will be same. Your duplicate post/page will be save as a drafts.

Plugin Link:

Why Clone/Copy/Duplicate a wordpress page/post?

There could be too much events when you just need to duplicate a page/post in WordPress. For Example, When you are working on your website degisn and want to create two or more pages/posts with same design, then it is very suitable. You can do it with a single click with a “Duplicate Post” plugin, So, don’t waste your important time to create a design again.

How to install “Duolicate Post” Plugin?

First of all open your wordpress website admin panel, go to “Plugins>>Add New”. Now type Duplicate Post in your plugin search box and click on “Install Now<<Activate” button to activate the plugin

How to use this plugin?

After activation the plugin Now go to your wordpress admin panel “Settings>>Duplicate Post”. check the following screenshot

Here you can see Duplicate post plugin settings, like following screenshot, here you can set what to copy, permissions and display according to your own choice

After the plugin settings go to your posts are pages. You can see “clone” link just below the posts title. Click on “clone” to make duplicate of your post

After click clone duplicate/clone of your post will be ready, it saves as a draft. you can see following screenshot.

Note: If you have any confusion or problem related to this tutorial or you have any other wordpress related problem. You can comment below. we will try to answer your comments as soon as possible.

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