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Customize WordPress Page/Post design using Plugin “Elementor Page Builder”

In this Article you will learn how to customize a wordpress page or post design according to your need using Elementor Page Builder Plugin. If you want to create a unique look for your blog or website, then it’s for you. Elementor page builder is one of the best and most used wordpress plugin to customize a page. It’s a page builder that delivers high end designs and very advanced functionalities.

Plugin Link:

How to install the Plugin

To Install the plugin, first off open your wordpress website admin panel, Now go to “Plugins>>Add new” . Type “Elementor Page Builder” in your plugin search box. Click on “Install Now>> Activate” to activate the Plugin.

After Activation the plugin you can see something like following screenshot, You can start creating your first page from here. You can also watch given video for page builder overview.

Elementor Page Builder Plugin Settings

After activation the Elementor page builder plugin you will see a “Elementor” menu button your wordpress admin panel. Go to “Elementor>>Settings”.

Here You can see settings of elementor General, Style, Advanced. You can set these settings according to your need. But, I’ll recommend you defualt settings.

After This go to “Elementor>>Role Manager”, Here You can manage What type of user roles can edit in elementor. You can mangae this according to your need.

Now go to, “Elementor Tools”, You can see here “General, Replace URL, Vision Control and Maintenance Mood tools. In General you can Regenrate CSS fil, Sync Library, Safe Mode (Enable/Disable), Debag Bar(Enable/Disable) . In Replace Url you can enter your old and new URLs for your WordPress installation, to update all Elementor data (Relevant for domain transfers). In Version Control, You can move to old elementor version if you have problems with new elementor version. In Maintenance Mode, you can Set your entire website as MAINTENANCE MODE, meaning the site is offline temporarily due to under construction or maintenace.

How to Use Page Builder

After all settings, Now go to your page or post which you want to edit. Or If you want to create new page or post go to your “Pages/Posts>>Add new”. You’ll see here a button “Edit With Elementor”, click on it. Check The Following Screenshot

When you will click on “Edit With Elementor” . A page like following screen shot will be open. Here you can see a a list of drag and drop elements/widgets, With the help of these drag and drop elements or widgets you can create your page according to your unique desing.

Elements Or Widget List and their Functions:

Heading: To Add amazing headings .

Image: To add image in your page, Control the size, opacity and other settings of images.

Text Editor: A Text Editor where you can add your contents.

Video: Add YouTube Video in your page or post.

Button: To add button and You can control every aspects of your button.

Image Box: An Image box that have image, headline and text.

Testimonials: You can add Customer testimonials for social proof.

Icon: Add icons to your page, more than 600 icons available.

Icon Box: It Works the same like the image box but only with Icons.

Social Icons: Your Social pages icon like facebook/youtube/tweetr.

Image Gallery: It is used to display images in a grid.

Image Carousel: It is used to make a slider in your page.

Icon List: A bullet list with any specific icon and text.

Counter: It is used to Show stats and numbers .

Progress Bar: It have an escalating progress bar.

Tabs: Vertical or horizontal tabs that used to display different snipts of content.

Accordion: It is used to collapsable display of content.

Toggle: It used to create FAQ pages.

Star Rating: You can Add a few social proofs with a star rating.

Alert: To making an alert box to draw the attention of your visitor.

HTML: It is used Insert HTML code into the page.

Shortcode: Used insert shortcodes of any plugin into page.

Menu Anchor: You can Link any of your menu to this anchor.

Read More: To Set a Read More Button.

Sidebar: It is used to add any sidebar.

Google Maps: It is used Embed google map into the page to display your location.

SoundCloud: Used to Add audio from SoundCloud.

Divider: It draw A line that divides different elements/widgets into the page.

Spacer: To giving space between the elements.

Columns: It is used Create inner columns within the column.

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