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Add XML Sitemap in WordPress using Plugin “Google XML Sitemaps”

In this Article You will learn, how to add xml sitemap using “Google XML Sitemaps” Plugin?. A sitemap is a list of website pages. The primary purpose of sitemap is to inform search engines about pages on your sites which are available for crawling. It is provide the benefits of Google crawlers. It is a simple and very easy way to help robots to crawl all listed web-pages and index them within google search engine. In simple words a sitemap helps to improve your SEO.
If you are user of wordpress website, then you can create a sitemap in minutes just installing a plugin. “Google XML Sitemaps” Plugin is a best and most used wordpress plugin for creating a sitemap.

Plugin Link:

How to Install “Google XML Sitemaps” Plugin?

To install the plugin, first of all open your wordpress admin panel go to “Plugins>>Add New”. Now type “Google XML Sitemaps” in Your Plugin search Box. Click on “Install Now>> Activate” button to activate the plugin.

How To Use this Plugin?

After activation the plugin go to “Settings>>XML-Sitemap”. You can check the following screenshot

After click on “Settings>>XML-Sitemap”. a setting page of “Google XML Sitemaps” Plugin will be open. where you can set Basic Options, Additional Pages, Post Priority, Sitemap content, Excluded items, Change Frequencies, Priorities.

Basic Options:

In basic options you can set notify google and bing about updates of your site. You can add sitemap url to the virtual robots.txt file. As well you can set memory limit and execution time limit in advanced options.

Additional Pages:

In additional pages, you can specify files and pages which should be include in your xml sitemap. You can add pages by click on “Add New Page ” Link.

Priority Posts:

Here you can set how the priority of each post should be calculated. Three options are given for priority calculation “Do not use automatic priority calculation”, “Comment Count” and “Comment Average”.

Sitmap Content:

In sitemap content you can set what should be include in your site map i.e Posts,pages, Homepage, categories, archives, tags and author pages.

Excluded Items:

In Excluded Items, you can exclude your wordpress categories. You can also add the urls which you want not show or exclude in sitemap.

Change Frequencies:

In change frequencies, you can set frequencies of your website homepage, posts, pages, categories, tags, authors and archive pages.


In the Priorities box you can set Priorities frequencies of your website homepage, posts, pages, categories, tags, authors and archive pages. Check the following screenshot.

After all settings you can check your xml site map to enter this url in your browser.

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